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The inst labs where the superconducting micro energy rings will be created for quantum processors

The processor uses “coils” of superconducting wire like qubits. When an electric current flows through these coils – hence the name of flow qubits – the energy is quantized, just as the resulting magnetic field

The purpose of this currency is to be an integral part and means of payment for technology industry. We are working with Brazilian operators where the Niobium is extracted and sold to major development and technology companies in the world. Brazil holds 98% of the Niobium production of the entire planet and this market is of vital importance for the creation of quantum processors for the development of AI Artificial intelligence. All extraction operations under contract and license in production of mines.


Niobium and Quantum processor

The most important part of the quantum CPU is the qubits, which need to behave like superconductors in order for the superposition phenomenon to happen. So far, the only viable way that engineers have found to achieve this is by building the qubits using a rare metal called niobium and lowering the temperature of the apparatus to -272.98 degrees Celsius, near absolute zero.

A quantum computer is a device that makes calculations using quantum mechanics, such as overlapping and interference. Quantum computers can be more developed today, because it works with few qbits. The main advantage is the possibility of solving in a short time problems that would normally take a long time to solve, such as the factorization in primes of natural numbers.


What is QBIT? A qbit, also known as a quantum bit is a quantum information unit and is used by a state vector in a two-level quantum mechanical system. Using two numbers, zero or one, the two values ​​being unique.


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The mineral exists in the soil of several countries, but 98% of the known reserves in the world are in Brazil. The country currently accounts for more than 90% of the volume of metal marketed on the planet, followed by Canada and Australia. In the country, reserves are in the order of 842,460,000 tons and the largest deposits are in the states of Minas Gerais (75% of the total), Amazonas (21%) and Goiás (3%). According to the National Mining Plan 2030 report, Brazil currently exploits 55 mineral substances, accounting for more than 4% of global production, and is the world leader in niobium production alone. In the case of iron and manganese, for example, where the country also occupies a prominent position, the share of global production does not exceed 20%. Such a competitive advantage over niobium arouses covetousness and concern on the part of large steelmakers and larger economic powers, which usually include niobium in lists of metals with critical or threatened supply.

Price 1 kilos Niobium $40,00 2019

2021 Price Niobium $200.00

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